Stu tried out both the TREKK and our NaturalStride Feet.

"Definite pluses to the TREKK because you have the heel cushion in your walk but in my opinion for me, being active, the NaturalStride its fast, its fluid, and you glide more..."




Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - “The TREKK really absorbs the shock at heal strike.  The roll over is much smoother on all types of terrain and you can definitely feel the true vertical displacement


Scott F.  -   Bakersfield, CA

Scott F. After Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on the TREKK.

Lindas thoughts after using the TREKK:

“This is the Cadillac, Performed great on grass, I prefer this over my previous foot, feels really good, the heel is supportive but cushioning,

the roll over is better - I give it a 10

Linda O.

"I am so happy and thankful for it. I cried when i first used it because it's the first time that my ankle moved like my old real one. I just love it."


Jeff. B.

Jeff. B.

Jeff after a week on the TREKK