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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

MAKstride LLC, a small ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing business has been serving customers since 2006. Starting small in 2006, MAKstride has made the most of each machine that it has purchased. Beginning from day one, Makstride focused on quality and lean manufacturing. They are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible for each customer.


Growing small for MAKstride means that instead of rapid growth where quality and throughput can be hampered due to inefficiency, MAKstride maximizes the efficiency of each asset BEFORE buying a new piece of equipment. If setup time on a CNC mill averages 30 minutes then rather than buying another machine to improve throughput MAKstride redesigns the way that things are set up and cut set up time down to a fraction of the time. This is just one way that MAKstride “grows small” maximizing throughput while ensuring the highest quality.

MAKstride has continued to grow steadily since opening but has not allowed growth to supersede quality and throughput. To increase productivity MAKstride focuses on the efficiency of setups, machining, and preventive maintenance. At times as stated earlier this may require a redesign of the fixturing and setup to reduce change over times. In other cases, it might require moving tooling or retraining of an employee. By reducing change over times and machining time, MAKsride improves the machining throughput for each machine. Additionally, preventive maintenance allows Makstride a high percentage of uptime on all machines. These are a just a few of the ways that MAKstride “grows small” maximizing throughput while ensuring the highest quality.

MAKstride LLC has learned to maximize throughput for each process while reducing scrap rates. Proper training, fixturing, and tooling is key to the elimination of scrapped parts. Smaller scrap rates translates to more available machine time and reduced part and material cost. Lower scrap rates and lower change over times allow the employees at MAKstride to spend less time changing fixtures, reworking and/or remaking parts. All parts leaving the MAKstride Facility have an ensured internal quality standard in addition to MAKstride being ISO 9001:2015 certified.

MAKstride Recently added a new 5-Axis machine to its line of capabilities and is striving to maximize its throughput to serve their customers better. Check out a video they made about it here!

Want to learn more about MAKstride? Do you have a manufacturing need? Visit their website at

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