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MAKstride has a new K2 foot coming! For those who have subscribed to the MAKstride newsletters this initial portion won't be new to you at all. MAKstride Prosthetics has been hard at work developing a new foot that provides the ultimate experience in comfort for the category. MAKstride has been experimenting with various types of materials to determine which of those materials will provide every patient with the flexibility and comfort they desire, while at the same time giving them the support and mobility they want. Through our research and rigorous testing of prototypes we have found a few that stand out. Of those that stood out we chose one that we believe will serve all K2 patients the best!

These few materials will usher in the next generation of MAKstride feet. All of the MAKstride feet both (current and future) are put through a variety of tests all run in house including:

A custom built machine that simulates steps tracked by cycles. (each foot is tested to a minimum of 2,000,000 cycles which is approx. 2 years. Many of our feet of surpassed that number by a large margin lasting millions of cycles longer.

The use of MTS machines to perform a variety of strength testing of the individual materials as well as complete prototypes of feet. Tests on the MTS Machines include pull testing(to make sure that bonding between components hold) MAX toe load testing, MAX heel load testing as well as a few others to ensure each foot will meet the needs of every patient.

Two MTS machines used for testing
2 In-House Test Machines

When internal testing and quality assurance wraps up we send out a couple sample feet to get a patients response. As we gather feedback from patients and prosthetists alike we tweak our designs to improve performance and to comply with feedback given. With the new design begins a new round of testing to make sure that our feed will have peak performance throughout its life cycle.

MAKstride Prosthetics puts great care into developing new feet. By leveraging the experience of the professionals at MAKstride as well as having the capabilities to manufacture in house it allows us to pay attention to every detail. In addition it permits us to do rapid prototyping with the ability of multiple iterations in a short period of time ironing out any problems in early prototypes in short order. We continue this process till we are positive we have a foot that we know will perform.


Technical Jargon aside all past, current, and in the works MAKstride feet are put through the ringer before put on the market. MAKstride is confident that the feet that leave our shop will impress, perform and last for every patient.

The story is no different for our new K2 foot that is coming to market. We are getting final feedback implemented into the latest design. Most of the materials needed for production have arrived at our facility. Once production begins it will only be a short while before our K2 hits the market!

Here is where the fun part is! This new K2 foot needs a name! We are taking suggestions for what to name it! Let us know in the comments if you have a thought of what we should name it! We will reveal pictures of the new foot in the near future as well.

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We look forward to sharing more news with you as the release of our new foot continues to get closer and closer! For more updates, promotions, and special offers subscribe to our mailing list!

Warm Regards,

-MAKstride Prosthetics

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