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As a prosthetic manufacturer, we strive to make patients feel more connected with the ground and have more power in every step.

Innovation for Every Level

TREKK FOOT Prosthetic


On the go and out the door. The TREKK offers the most fluid and comfortable experience. Whether you are up for an adventure or want to empower your life again it doesn't get better than this.

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36-Month Warranty

MAKstride Prosthetics offers the following unique features:

  • Prevents drop off at terminal stance and increases gait symmetry

  • Promotes even steps lengths and equal time weight bearing with each foot

  • Reduces impact on sound limb and over compensation

  • Less resistance to the flex in the carbon fiber increases control and reduces motion in the body’s center of mass

  • Increases gait efficiency and less effort to walk

  • Encourages increased activity level to avoid weight gain

  • Maximizes flexibility under extreme loads without the risk of delamination and failures

  • Increases ground compliance provides stability on uneven terrain without the fear of tripping or falling

  • Increases confidence and reduces fall risk

Innovation for Every Level

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