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Makstride Prosthetics is a prosthetics manufacturer whos feet are fabricated from lightweight, high strength materials using precise machining, casting, laminating, and molding processes.

45 Day Risk Free Evaluation Period and Warranty Coverage

Makstride Prosthetics offers a 45 day unrestricted return policy for risk free comparison and evaluation. If you or the patient are not satisfied with the performance and functional benefits of the foot, you can seek as-sistance from Makstride Prosthetics staff to achieve the desired outcome, or return the product for credit.


A product return authorization number (RA #) can be requested.
Products not returned within 45 days are considered sold, with full payment due.

Makstride Feet are backed by a repair/replacement warranty for 36 months from the original date of pur-chase. Please refer to warranty and return documents for specific policies.

Maximum Weight and Weight/Activity Change Notification

The maximum weight for any patient being fit with an UltraStride or ActiveStride is K3-310 lbs. or K4-265 lbs.
The maximum weight for any patient being fit with the NaturalStride is K3-500 or K4-385 lbs. and Comfort-Stride is K2-500 lbs.
The maximum weight for any patient being fit with the Trekk isK3: 310 lbs., K4: 265 lbs. For the Trekk LP, K3: 365 lbs. and K4: 265 lbs.
ISO qualifying (static, fatigue) testing has been performed on randomly selected production models to cer-tify strength and durability—and for Makstride Prosthetics to create weight/activity classifications for the calf shanks and foot keels.
Each foot is specifically based on patient weight, height, foot length, and activity information, Makstride Prosthetics receives and trusts to be accurate. Any substantial change in the patient’s weight (plus or minus 20 lbs.) or any significant change to the patient’s activity level could alter the function and performance of the product and cause potential risk to the patient. The patient should be instructed to notify you of any significant physical changes and be advised of the need to be periodically reevaluated. Makstride Prosthetics can be included in discussions about the potential need to modify or replace the product to match the patient’s current weight and activity level. A product failure deemed to be related to unreported changes in the patient’s profile may not be eligible for warranty repair/replacement.


  • A foot shell and spectra sock must be used with all Makstride Prosthetics feet.

  • Improper use of a Makstride Prosthetics foot may void the product warranty.

  • Exceeding recommended heel height maximums can negatively affect product performance and patient outcomes.

  • Makstride Prosthetics feet should not be modified by cutting or grinding the calf shank or foot keel; fasteners, set to the proper tension and sealed with Loctite, should not be loosened. Any structural alterations or adjustments made by the practitioner or patient (that are not defined in the alignment instructions) may create liability or void the product warranty.

  • Makstride Prosthetics feet are not intended for patient activities that will routinely and repeatedly cause the foot to be submerged in water—particularly salt water. If occasional submersion occurs, the following protocol must be followed:

    • Remove foot shell and spectra sock

    • If exposed to salt or chlorine water, rinse the foot shell, spectra sock, and the Makstride Prosthet-ics foot with tap water

    • Thoroughly dry the foot shell, spectra sock, ankle shank, foot keel, and proximal pyramid com-ponent

General Bench Alignment Instructions

  • Adjust to the appropriate heel height (using the shoe)

  • Introduce appropriate socket angles

    • 2 to 4 degrees of initial socket flexion is suggested (BK only)

    • Standard abduction/adduction

  • Divide the foot cover into 3 equal segments

    • The load line should be at the junction between the posterior and middle segment
      (i.e. standard posterior 1/3 weight line)

Dynamic Alignment

The Makstride Prosthetics foot system stores energy at heel strike, begins to release energy at midstance to assist tibial progression, and promotes toe loading to optimize energy release at toe off. The patient’s
heel-to-toe action can be influenced by:

  • Adjusting A-P positioning of foot in relationship to socket

  • Increasing or decreasing Dorsi-Plantarflexion

  • The factory configuration of the product (shank and/or keel stiffness/flexibility)

Achieving the Desired Feel and Function


Patient may experience foot slap or knee hyperextension, or the patient may feel as though they are stepping into a hole or have a “falling back” sensation standing flat foot in midstance.

Potential Corrective Actions

  • Check for proper alignment

  • Shift socket anterior in relationship to the foot

  • Dorsiflex the foot at proximal alignment coupler


Patient may experience rapid heel to toe movement and/or feel poor control of prosthesis at heel strike. The patient could also feel minimal energy return, or knee instability, or experience increased distal tibial pressures.
Potential Corrective Actions

  • Shift socket posterior in relationship to the foot

  • Reduce shank stiffness (requires return to factory for warranty retrofit)


Patient may experience no feeling of energy return at toe off, or may experience a “dropping off” or “falling forward” sensation during toe loading.
Potential Corrective Actions

  • Plantarflex foot at proximal alignment coupler

  • Slide socket posterior in relationship to the foot

  • Increase foot keel stiffness (requires return to factory for warranty retrofit)


Patient will feel that it is hard to get over the toe and may say it feels like climbing a hill. The patient may also feel reduced energy release at toe off.
Potential Corrective Actions

  • Slide socket anterior in relationship to the foot

  • Dorsiflex foot at proximal alignment coupler

  • Reduce foot keel stiffness (requires return to factory for warranty retrofit)


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